An open congress

Open to knowledge, open to people

Currently, nobody knows exactly what the consequences of coronavirus diffusion will be. However, all experts in the world agree that its effects will have repercussions for many years: we are facing a disruption.

This disruption will impact all the fundamental health, economic and social aspects of the life of peoples around the world.

For this reason, The Coronavirus World Conference overcomes the traditional form of scientific conferences. We want to create an open discussion distributed over time, in order to create a point of reference and a source of knowledge constantly evolving.

The seven sessions of the kick-off are just a first step in this path through time and key topics.

New sessions will be added soon.

Stay updated!

The Coronavirus World Congress continues to evolve. We want to break the mold by creating an open congress, a discussion that will continue over time. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on current themes, relators and sessions.

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