Key Topics

An incoming disruption

The consequences of the impact of the Coronavirus will impact several aspects. Healthcare is the urgency today, but economy, society are also going to be affected really soon. Many standards of the world as we know it will be disrupted.

The Coronavirus World Congress covers four main topics to foresee this disruption in order to transform future menaces into opportunities.



The Coronavirus is an unknown enemy. New information about the virus appears on a daily basis. We need a discussion to share knowledge and experiences in order to find solution thanks to scientific research and innovation.



Many industries are being affected by the Coronavirus. The travel ban, distance restrictions and the closure of activity and production will hit hard hit the international economic system. We must not only think about temporary lifesavers, we have to start to design new models and standards.



World society is facing something never seen by this generation. How will our way of life change? What will the future of our work be? The answers to these questions are fundamental to understand what consequences the impact of the Coronavirus will have on society.


Disruptive Innovation

Nowadays, technologies that allow you to easily create new viral forms in the laboratory already exist. Now we know what destructive potential the spread of an unknown virus can have. We learned the lesson, to survive future threats it is essential to understand that threats related to genetic engineering exist.

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