The First
International Congress on Coronavirus

Spreading knowledge is the key factor to win the battle against the Coronavirus. The travel ban is a crucial obstacle that the scientific community can overpass thanks to technology.

Faster Then The Virus


Connect the present to create the future

The Coronavirus hit the world unexpectedly. The mis-communication caused by the travel ban, the distance restrictions and the diffusion of partial or speculative information is seriously conditioning the battle against this unknown enemy. New information about the virus appears on a daily basis. Countries around the world require these pieces of information to be able to contain the infection. However, these piece of information are spread in fragments which leads to disintegration of the scientific, economical and social knowledge.

The aim of the Coronavirus World Congress is to integrate these fragments by creating a meeeting point for experts, scientists and clinicians. Apart from sharing their knowledge, they are invited to discuss causes and effects about Coronavirus and investigating possible solutions to defeat the virus.

Using technology, we will demonstrate several consequences that the impact of Coronavirus is having and will continue to have on our health, economic and social area in order to find the right solutions and to face possible future threats.

Key Topics

coronavirus world congress topics healthcare


coronavirus world congress topics Economy


coronavirus world congress topics Society


coronavirus world congress topics Genome

Disruptive Innovation

How to partecipate

In order to overcome the distance, the Coronavirus World Congress is organized as a thoroughly live virtual interactive event that is distributed over several sessions, each time facing a different topic. Attendees can participate though a PC, virtual reality visor, smartphone, tablet or smart TV. Everything you need is an internet connection.

At the end of each session attendees will have the opportunity to ask related questions which will be answered by relators.

A thoroughly live virtual interactive experience

VR Visor




Smart TV

Immersive experience

Choose your device. Learning in virtual reality has twice as much impact than traditional meetings and lessons.

Transform #stayathome into #exploretheworld.


“The world is not ready for the next epidemic”

Bill Gates


We want to achieve an ambitious goal. Thanks to all the pioneers who decided to follow us.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate to the Congress?

Attendees can participate through PC, virtual reality visor, smartphone, tablet or smart TV. Everything you need is an internet connection.

How many sessions does the congress consist of?
The congress consists of seven sessions over a 15 days period of time. Each session lasts approximately 3 hours.
Who can ask question to relators?

Only medical and scientific attendees may ask live questions to relators at the end of each session. Audience and students can post questions through the dedicated forum.

What are the payment methods?

You can book your participation with a credit card, paypal or bank transfer.

Stay updated!

The Coronavirus World Congress continues to evolve. We want to break the mold by creating an open congress, a discussion that will continue over time. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on current themes, relators and sessions.

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