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Quicker than the virus

Coronavirus had the ability to revolutionize health care, politics, social habits, educational system and economy. We can only respond to such a profound revolution with equally effective revolutions such as in the way of communicating.

New information about the virus appears on a daily basis. Sharing this information quicker than the contagion diffusion is crucial to limit the dangers of this dramatic situation.

The Coronavirus congress has been designed to be an open and interactive meeting point. If on the one hand the travel ban and the distance restrictions are necessary for the containment of the contagion, on the other these restrictions limit the possibility for the scientific community to efficiently cooperate.

Main topics:

The discussion will be distributed over several sessions of four hours, each of which will address a different topic.

At the end of each session, the scientific audience will have the opportunity to ask related questions which will be answered by relators.

The congress is hosted in a virtual room and it’s easily accessible from:


VR visor




This is an unmissable opportunity to share the experiences and the acquired know-how with the scientific community in order to create value and knowledge to fight the virus.

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